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Tech Update – Self-Assembling Magnetic Blocks

This is very neat! ( These little “M-Blocks” are magnetic cubes that have flywheels inside, which allow them to roll and can be programmed to self-assemble into a nearly unlimited number of configurations. Then they can disassemble almost as easily.

Right now they may seem like nothing more than expensive adult lincoln logs… But the potential here is enormous!

Think about all the temporary structures that we use. We could have building scaffolds for construction that build up on their own and then come down on their own. We could have flood walls that form whenever there is a threat, but are hidden during good weather. We could have buildings that spring up over night! And if a building needs to be moved… Well, if it’s made of M-blocks it can just disassemble, be transported to a new location, and then reassemble. Obviously, the technology is not anywhere close to this right now, but the thought of a future with these possibilities sure is tantalizing!

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