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Science Update – QWERTY

As I was sitting here this morning, wondering what to write, I stared blankly at my keyboard. My mind wandered (as usual) completely off-topic and I began to think about the keyboard… Then the engineer in me took over. In terms of an efficient tool for writing words in the English language, the modern keyboard really isn’t a great design. ‘E’ and ‘T’ are the most common letters in the alphabet, yet you need to move your fingers to type them. That sounds a lot like the EXACT OPPOSITE of efficiency! And on top of that, popular letter #3 (also known as ‘A’) can only be typed using the weakest and most difficult to control finger in the human body!! That’d be the left pinkie finger for those of you who haven’t had an anatomy class in a while. (Yes, I did completely make that up…) As you can see, this is already a mess and we haven’t even gotten to why the heck the easiest key to type is occupied by the letter ‘J’?!? For real, who needs to type ‘J’ that easily? It’s in approximately 5.21 words and used about as frequently as ‘Q’ (which may be the only letter actually in the location it deserves–along with ‘Z’ and ‘X’ I suppose). Continue reading

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