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Short Story – The Lab Rat

As a scientist, I always wonder how the lab animals that are being tested view their lives and what is going on around them. So here is a fun little glimpse into the mind of a lab rat!

Day 0

Cheese… Smell cheese. Wall… Another wall… Opening… Cheese..? Cheese!

Large hand! Run! Squeezed… Bite! Bite! Ouch! Sharp! Pain in stomach…

Day 3

I smell cheese close… Stomach rumbles. Need food. Run to wall, turn. Wall. Turn, wall. Go back… Opening… Cheese!

Large hand again! Run! Squeezed…Dropped in cage. Trapped.

Day 5

The cheese trick again… Trick that ends with giant hand and cage. Always… But need food. Starved all day. Run to opening. Through another opening. See cheese… Cautiously approach.

Sprint! Fast as legs go! Grab cheese and turn to run away! Giant hand blocking path… Give up and await the squeeze. But keep the cheese. Continue reading

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