About Me

It was a stormy night. I had stayed late at the lab to finish up some important research (and because I hate rush hour traffic more than anything in the world). It wasn’t until I was already pouring Experimental Mystery Chemical X into Experimental Mystery Chemical Z that I heard the enormous boom of thunder. My body jumped, spilling the dangerous liquids all over my hands. That’s when the lightning struck. It came right in through the window as if it were meant for me.

There was no pain, but I could feel a surging spark in my brain that trickled down to my tingling fingertips. Then another. And another. I knew what I had to do. I sat down at the lab bench with a pen and paper… and I began to write.

This is when The Red Lion was born. My secret identity–the courageous, fearless, creative piece of me that only lives in the written word… and beyond the labcoat.


Beyond the Labcoat is where I will post (hopefully) three times a week.

Mission Monday is when I will discuss my progress on whatever secret mission I happen to be working on. Like finding the perfect desk chair….

Whatever Wednesday is when I will talk about pretty much anything going on. It could be an interesting article on science or technology. It could be what I had for dinner. It could be a life-altering philosophical discussion. Wednesday posts will conclude with a prompt (hopefully relevant to the post) that I will use for Story Saturday.

Story Saturday is when I will post a short story based on the Whatever Wednesday prompt. I will also be taking suggestions on prompts from anyone! So tweet at me with #TRLprompt if you want in!


I hope you enjoy!

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