Whatever Wednesday – Doodling!

Doodling is one of those little things in life that everyone should do. When I used to doodle on paper (haha paper…..) I would draw tiny little stick figures running around doing things or trees. Yup that was pretty much all I was good at. There was a time when I thought I could be good at drawing, but that lasted about a month when I realized that drawing people is the worst thing ever–especially hands.

Okay, brief tangent because I just thought of this… I don’t think I’ve written with a pencil in like THREE YEARS! Are they actually going away or is it just me? Or we’re pencils always just a school thing with no practical use in real life?

Anyways, we’re back. Now that we have image editing software on computers and fun little drawing apps on our tablets doodling is a little different. (It’s very difficult and time consuming to draw tiny stick figures on an ipad). It’s still fun though! I love using the image editing software GIMP (the poor man’s photoshop) to make my own images and logos and stuff. Yesterday I was just playing around with a drawing/writing app on my ipad and I decided it might be fun to make some headings for Beyond the Labcoat posts. Check it out:




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