Mission Monday 1.2 – Discovering the Ideal Writing Location

I tried TWO (hell yes!) NEW places this week! But we’ll get to that eventually. First…….

I’m discovering there are many things that make a good writing location, but there are even more things that make a poor writing location and as soon as EVEN JUST ONE exists it’s difficult to get work done.

Here’s my list of top  FIVE things that make it hard for me to hunker down and write nonstop somewhere (essentially obliterating that location for all of time…):

1) Internet

2) Internet..?

3) Internet!

4) Internet?!?!


Yes it’s true… Internet for me, like many writers, is a curse. It’s a snake holding the apple of knowledge (let’s face it, the internet DOES know everything) trying to pull us away form what’s really important. It’s especially difficult when we just finished up Round 2 of the NYCMidnight Short Story Challenge and everyone is active on the forum!

With that in mind…. Here are the locations I explored this past week.

First was Starbucks. Cliche, I know… Buttttt less cliche is that I absolutely hated trying to writer there! Why you ask? I’ll give you one guess… Yes that’s right. INTERNET! Blasted internet always ruining everything… It’s also pretty busy and there’s no corner for me to hide in. I get awkwardly self conscious about someone being able to look over my shoulder as I write… Anyone else hate that?









(DISCLAIMER: I’m actually at Starbucks right now…. I’ve gotta post this somehow right..? Darn you internet, darn you all to heck!)

I also discovered another local cafe during lunch recently. I decided to give it a try for morning breakfast and writing too. It was a nice little place, but I think it was too open and AGAIN I couldn’t find a little corner to hide myself in. This seems to be a recurring issue. Perhaps I should seek professional help..?












I think once it gets a bit warmer I will be consistently going to the original awesome cafe. It’s just a little far to walk in this never ending winter….


P.S. Story Saturday will now be every other week. It’s hard enough to post twice a week!

P.P.S. Anyone else notice how obnoxious it is to try to post through WordPress on iOS? Wow…. I almost through my iPad through this nearby glass window…

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2 thoughts on “Mission Monday 1.2 – Discovering the Ideal Writing Location

  1. Oh my gosh, I HAVE to be in a corner when I write too! I’m so paranoid someone will sit there and read what I’m writing (especially when it comes to first drafts). I try to remind myself most people don’t like to read, and most people are too self-obsessed to care about what I’M working on, but…yeah. Doesn’t matter. I need my quiet hidey-hole to write in.

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