Whatever Wednesday – Writing Contests!

I used to have a page on this blog with a record of writing contests I’ve entered, the title of the story I wrote, and how the judges scored me. Maybe I’ll bring it back, but I’m not sure it truly fits the purpose of the blog now. Although…. What is the purpose of this blog again..?

Oh right! It’s to increase my writing portfolio! I want to write new things here, whether they are actual complete or good is up in the air, but that probably works out for the best as things I write here can be used to generate new ideas for longer stories!

But anywho… Contests! I only enter a few here and there. Once in a while I will submit something to the Writers Digest Your Story Contest, but my all time favorites are the NYCMidnight Short Story and Flash Fiction Challenges! I’ve been entering both of these contests each year since 2011 (and a stint way back in 2008 that we don’t talk about because I was so terrible at writing back then…).

The thing I love most about the NYCM contest format is the way they do their prompts. Writers  are split into groups a search group is assigned a genre, subject, and character (or object) that have to be included in your story. The best part about this is how creativity is encouraged and you can interpret the prompt in unique ways and try to invent a story that no one else could think of!

Tomorrow at midnight we are supposed to get our Round 2 prompts for the NYCM Short Story Challenge. I can’t wait to see what I get so I can twist them into something completely different!!!!

In honor of the contest, I will post a story I wrote based on NYCM-like prompts for this weekend’s Story Saturday!

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