Mission Monday 1.1 – Discovering the Ideal Writing Location

My quest to find the ideal writing location has been going for about one week. In that one week, my intended journey to several cafes pre-work has gone slightly differently off-book. Instead of visiting multiple, I have visited one cafe three times! In fact, I’m there now. I even have my own corner table because I arrive right when it opens…

I know, I know… I still need to visit many more places to truly learn anything. And it’ll happen… Eventually… It’s not my fault really. It’s all the mocha latte’s fault, blame that! It’s the best coffee I’ve ever had! I accidentally ordered one because I have no freaking clue how to order real coffee… All I know how to say at a coffee shop is “medium iced caramel swirl, cream only, extra caramel.” And even that I struggle to say unless I’m talking into the little brown box at Dunkin Donuts.

But let’s face it. Finding the ideal writing locations isn’t only about the coffee.


…Okay, you’re right. It really is all about the coffee.

All joking aside, I do like the environment. It’s a little busy at the time I’m here, but that doesn’t seem to distract me. In fact, I think I like the ambient noise of people chatting around me. (Though this Asian-English couple sitting at the awkwardly close table next to me is a little annoying… Hopefully they aren’t regulars.) The heat isn’t too great here, but it’s not cold either. I would guess 60-65F maybe. That’ll probably change once this damn winter finally decides to venture off to the other half of the globe. But for now it’s fine–it actually helps to keep you alert. Heat always seems to make me tired and unfocused.

Here’s a little sample for you:










Hopefully, this week I’ll be a little more adventurous and try a few new places. There’s also a Starbucks on my walk to work, so perhaps I’ll give that a go, even though that will never be my ideal writing location, just out of principle. I would prefer a unique place to write, not someplace that can be found on every corner of every city.

Anyone else having any luck discovering a good place to write?

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