Whatever Wednesday – Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines!

Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing if this week’s WW was posted late!?!? No, no it wouldn’t. It would be terrible and silly and embarrassing. That’s why I have to throw this together and wrap it in duct tape before midnight tonight…

We all remember this past Saturday when Story Saturday never really happened. (No worries, it’s on pace to be completed for this Saturday and has been pretty fun so far!) Typically I am quite strict about high priority deadlines. I absolutely hate being late for things, especially important things or if there are consequences to missing the deadline. During college, my professors had extremely strict deadlines. Some would subtract significant points for each minute late past the start of class. Some wouldn’t even accept assignments turned in late. For the most part, I agreed with these policies. If something doesn’t meet a deadline then there should be consequences. If there are no consequences, then there is no incentive to accomplish tasks on time. The difficulty with meeting deadlines arises when they are low priority and there are few consequences.

Even though I have been insanely busy, I probably could have found a way to make Story Saturday work last weekend, but there were no real consequences to missing that deadline. There are currently no consequences to missing deadlines for any of my writing. (If you have any suggestions let me know!) I think this is a problem that many writers struggle with if they are just trying to write for themselves and not for a career/income. Many people try to invent their own consequences… But I find that this isn’t an effective method because you can simply ignore them or retrospectively change them. In essence, there are no consequences protecting your self-defined consequences. (Obviously this applies to a lot more things than writing.)

Accomplishing deadlines is all about time management and managing priorities. Maybe if we reward ourselves instead of trying to avoid consequences we will want to organize out time and priorities to accomplish a different set of goals..? Whichever gives us the highest reward. Unfortunately, for most of us, work gives us the highest reward, so it is hard to make things like writing a priority above that.

I don’t have an answer. I think it really requires a great deal of self discipline to manage our own time, priorities, and a simple consequence/reward system. Maybe that’s something to work on.

Do you have any methods you use to successfully meet deadlines that aren’t the highest priority?


This week’s Story Saturday prompt is to finish the story from last week and actually ACCOMPLISH A DEADLINE! 😉

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