Mission Monday 1.0 – Discovering the Ideal Writing Location

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Before you say anything, yes I know last week’s Story Saturday never showed up… Unfortunately, not having a computer or a free second all weekend made things difficult, so that story will be used for this week instead! Lucky you! (This little ‘incident’ has also spawned what will be the topic of the next Whatever Wednesday… Deadlines!)

But today is Monday, not Wednesday and not Saturday. That means it’s time for Mission Monday!

There is something I feel I am missing that every writer really should have. If you are lucky, you can create it for yourself and design it to be exactly the way you want, but I feel like many people don’t have that luxury, including myself. Therefore, my mission for the next couple weeks is to find my ideal writing location.

Before we start, let’s analyze the current situation…

MM1.0 desk

I think it’s pretty clear to everyone that this just isn’t going to work out. The lighting is dim and yellow, while I personally prefer white fluorescent light. It helps me stay focused and alert. The desk is a mess, which is obviously my own fault, but we’ll probably get into that issue on a Whatever Wednesday eventually. And there’s a giant bag of the best candy in the world just sitting right there begging to be eaten–not only a distraction, but bad for the teeth too.

Over the next several weeks, I will be testing out new and improved writing locations. From Barnes & Noble to local coffee shops (to cleaning my room), I’ll post pictures with Mission Monday updates on my process and how it’s going!

I was actually planning to explore cafes in Boston this morning as potential writing locations, but my first experience commuting via train to work took a drastic THREE HOUR turn for the worse and resulted in me vowing never to take the train again… But that’s a whole different story.

What kind of environment do you need to be productive? Do you have an ideal writing location you go to a lot?

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2 thoughts on “Mission Monday 1.0 – Discovering the Ideal Writing Location

  1. My eyes went straight to your Cadbury Eggs…I waaaaannt *drools*…

    Ok, ok, back to the topic at hand! I don’t have an exact writing location. A couple of summers ago, I transformed my spare bedroom into my writing hideout (a comfy desk/chair, influential posters, perfect lighting, etc.), but I rarely write in it. I end up hopping around the rest of my house (thank God I have a laptop!). I’ve written everywhere from my bed, to floor of the living room, to my kitchen, to the landing between the upstairs and downstairs. Seriously, wherever I feel the vibe/comfortable is where I plunk myself down to work…Sometimes I go to a coffee shop or the library, but I tend to get too distracted (by other people, too much noise, not enough noise, etc.).

    Good luck finding the right space for you!…And gimme your Cadbury Eggs! Now! 😉

    • Never!

      Also, it’s amazing how different people are. If I’m lounging and relaxed there’s no way I can be productive! I wish I could lay on the floor and crank out 1000 words. Maybe if I wrote by hand instead of typing, I would be more comfortable writing in various locations/positions? Interesting to think about.

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