Whatever Wednesday – Dystopias and Me

Welcome to the HISTORIC first ever Whatever Wednesday! I have no idea what Whatever Wednesday is really going to be, but maybe that’s the whole idea. Who wants to wander over to this blog and read a couple paragraphs when they already know what’s going to happen? It’s more fun for everyone if we just use an open format and keep everything a surprise until it finds its way onto paper!

Now to get down to business. There’s something that’s really REALLY been annoying me lately. I’m not just talking about the kind of annoying where you’re like “that bugs me, so I’m going to avoid it.” It’s more reminiscent of the annoying where you’re like “WHAT THE HELL YOU KEEP RUINING THIS FOR EVERYONE!” I think you know what I’m talking about… In fact, I think you are most probably experiencing this exact same feeling regarding the exact same topic as me.

Dystopias. WHYYYYYYY are there all of a sudden 50967236546 million dystopian stories everywhere?! There are countless TV shows (Revolution), movies (Oblivion, The Host), and books (Hunger Games, Divergent), just to toss a few names out there. Now don’t get me wrong… This is great for people who like to read and watch these stories unfold. Post-apocalyptic (without zombies) and dystopian stories are probably among my top five favorite things in life, but let’s face it–this has gone to far. Do you remember the good old days of Brave New World and 1984 when writing a dystopian story was unique and creative? As a writer, this current surge of dystopian tales is ruining everything. If you want to write a dystopia, how in the world are you supposed to stand apart? Dystopia has suddenly become a mold that people are using to reach success. Most authors don’t want to be viewed as just following a trend or translating a proven mold to create their own story. I certainly don’t. And even if you were to write an amazing and unique dystopian thriller right now, it would just be viewed as one of many that came out of the past decade. So, that great idea that’s been floating around my head for 5 years now will have to wait even longer until a new trend arises. (Not that I’m even close to finishing it anyways…)

Have you experienced a similar situation where you felt like everyone else was ruining your story idea??

And now of course, with all this talk I now have a dystopia craving… I did this to myself really. But now I can’t resist, so while we’re here we may as we’ll talk about a dystopia that I’ve been dying to put into a story for a long time! This isn’t the awesome one I mentioned above, but it’s still pretty interesting. (At least I think so, because I’m a little bit of a nerd…) And it avoids the current stereotype, so everybody wins.

Let’s imagine a theoretical history a few years after the American Revolution where, instead of gaining independence, the colonies and their rebellion were squashed with ease. At the current time in our story there are still several American leaders in hiding and the British are taking extreme measures to prevent future treason. Higher taxes, anti-gun laws, soldiers on all street corners, public hangings–basically everything that led to the rebellion in the first place–but is it really enough to keep America contained? One man’s life is about to take an extraordinary turn when he gets caught in the crossfire.

This will be the setting and prompt for this week’s Story Saturday! I bet you’re excited, I know I am.

Hopefully I’ll see you then!

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2 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday – Dystopias and Me

  1. I felt this way about the whole vampire craze post Twilight (er, except I didn’t have a vampire story I wanted to tell, phew!). I personally love all the dystopian junk out there, BUT I think if you want to stand apart, you better think of something else–something fresh!…BTW, love your idea/prompt! Very interesting.

    • Thanks! I also enjoy the dystopian stories, I will definitely be watching and reading most that come out! Hence why I also like to write them. But you’re right, the most satisfying feeling is creating your own path that becomes the next trend!

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