BioScience Update – Artificial Blood, Not Just for Vampires…

It seems that the world’s recent obsession with vampires has not gone unnoticed by the powers that be. In the coincidence of all coincidences, scientists in Transylvania are making progress on an artificial blood substitute. Apparently vampires decided that they don’t actually like having to bite people to get blood and would prefer to just make it themselves…

Back in real life, artificial blood is one of the holy grails of science. If it can be created with an unlimited expiration date with no possibility of rejection or immune response it would change the way emergency room surgery works today. The days of needing the Red Cross would be over, and serious cases of blood loss could be fixed almost instantaneously.

I imagine that creating a working substitute for blood will not be the end. Once we can create an equal to our natural nutrient and oxygen transportation system, we will look to improve it. Eventually, we will have artificial blood that is more efficient than our own blood. Potentially/theoretically, with more efficient blood the heart muscle may not need to work as hard, reducing fatal heart diseases. Along those same lines, if we can develop artificial blood that will only clot under certain circumstances than we could avoid blocking arteries altogether.

The potential here is enormous! Unfortunately, it’s still a ways away. Check it out here:

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