Tech Update – Living on the Water

Recently, during a healthy dose of internet browsing, I learned about a company based in the Netherlands that is designing floating apartment complexes in anticipation of melting ice caps and population growth. I wandered my way over to their website to learn more and was amazed by all the innovative projects they have in their pipeline regarding “water living.” Take a look for yourself:

The idea of living in cities that float on the water (or under the water) really excites my inner engineer. Not only is it fascinating, but it is actually an entirely plausible future–although it is more likely to be a luxury than commonplace. I could see celebrity villages or vacation paradises constructed upon floating cities, secluded and private from the rest of society. It would be similar to how cruise ships are now, at least at first. Eventually, luxury will likely become necessity and many people will need to either move inland or move to floating cities.

It’s great to see a company that is innovating and improving technology ahead of the curve and preparing the world for things we will need in the future. (Unlike the space program, which we all know needs to start being awesome again soon!)

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