Science Update – Mind Control

Apparently it’s finally happened… Mind control is a real thing. A laboratory at the University of Washington has developed a way to have one person’s mind control another person’s movements using brain wave sensors and electric signals and internet. Don’t get too excited though. As a scientist, I am immediately skeptical because I don’t believe anything until I see the raw data, how the experiment was conducted, etc etc. There are many ways to interpret data and plan experiments, and often times people will arrange for things to lean in favor of their desired result. In this case it’s especially subjective because the only result was that the test subject’s finger twitched and “involuntarily pointed” towards a button. Here’s the article:

However realistic this may or may not be, it certainly does open up some interesting ideas. If you have ever seen the movie Surrogates, then you may appreciate the idea of a future where humans sit at home and control “empty” bodies or robots that go out into the world for us. It also opens up possibilities of extending the life of a human consciousness beyond its body. Bodies could become an entirely impersonal aspect of life—in the future we may simply be minds that hop from body to body based on whatever suits us at that moment.

In a more recreational sense… Have you ever wished you could be on top of Mount Everest or witness Earth from outer space? With some sort of mind link that would be a distinct possibility without ever having to leave your house. Or for professional purposes, if you need to bring in an expert brain surgeon unexpectedly… Just let him take over for the nurse standing in the corner.

No matter what way you think about it there is definitely an idea for an interesting story in there somewhere!

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