Science Update – Hyperloop & the Future

If you haven’t heard of the Hyperloop, that’s because it doesn’t exist yet. The same man who started Tesla Motors (attempting to create affordable, efficient electric cars) and SpaceX (attempting to decrease the cost of space travel) has come up with yet another innovation for transportation. The Hyperloop is essentially a vacuum tube (like the one at the bank) that will zip cylinders full of people at ridiculously high speeds between set locations. It would be like a high-powered subway system with fewer stops and could hypothetically cut a 3,000 mile journey down to just 45 minutes. The Hyperloop is still just a theoretical idea, but current technology isn’t far away from making it a reality for a cost actually cheaper than current highways or railroads (supposedly). Even if it turns out to be a bad idea for people to travel by, it could still expedite the transport of non-living goods significantly.

While we are on the subject of futuristic innovations… I find it pretty interesting (and humorous) how humanity seems to advance technologically by somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophesy. We all watch movies and read books about futures with flying cars and touch screens and holograms and rapid transportation and living in bubble colonies on Mars. Then we step into reality and look at some of the things we are actually building. There’s a pretty close comparison! Innovation is all about finding new ways to use old things or changing how something works slightly to make it more efficient or useful in unforeseen applications. And a lot of times these inspirations come from stories! Who knows what we’ll think of next!

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