Sports – The Story in the Red Sox of 2013

Why do we love sports so much? For me personally, it’s all in the stories. Every year there is something that defines a sports team, something that transforms them from just another thing to watch on TV into a part of our lives that we care about. The past two-and-a-half years it’s been about how much we didn’t like the players on our team. The chicken and beer fiasco in the clubhouse. The overpaid players who didn’t contribute. The superstars who didn’t care to interact with the fans at all.

But this year the story has changed. It’s something that no one saw coming. The Red Sox got rid of the expensive players that weren’t contributing enough and were hurting the clubhouse atmosphere. They introduced a new coach who already had a good rapport with many of the players. They brought in new players that are known as fun “clubhouse guys” who just love to play the game of baseball. Unfortunately, these clubhouse guys aren’t the most talented players. Yet somehow, here we are more than halfway through the season, and the Red Sox have one of the best records in all of baseball. They don’t have the skills of most other teams. They don’t have as many superstars as most teams. So what do they have?

The 2013 Red Sox have heart and they have a positive atmosphere in their clubhouse that makes players enjoy the game. This is the story. This is what amazes us about the Red Sox and baseball. It’s like a classic underdog movie. The team with less talent and low expectations  is winning. They are winning because they are having fun. And even if they end up losing this season, it’s still a great story about how talent and expensive superstars are not the only contributing factor in putting together a fun, great baseball team. What more could we want?

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One thought on “Sports – The Story in the Red Sox of 2013

  1. Mom

    Go Sox !!!!

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